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Are you planning to expand your health & fitness business online??

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Codenia Admin 2 months ago

Are you planning to expand your health & fitness business online??
We will convert your ideas into powerful solutions…
No problem, We help with that too…

In this article, we will tell you how to make a health and fitness app at a reasonable price.
Our experience allows us to understand all the trends in this sphere.
We would like to share our thoughts with you.

Technology makes many things better and also easier now. Sports are not behind now.

Before talking about types and features included in the app, let's discuss how this app will expand your business.
Health and Fitness has become a top priority for people, and fitness is a trend amongst us.

Reasons why a fitness app is important for your business.

  • Online reputation management
  • Marketing tool
  • Improve customer service
  • Customer’s loyalty


Online reputation management-

According to research, an individual spends at least 2/3hours on his/her smartphones. During that time, they explore various available apps and use them as per needs. While exploring , they checkout their brand logo and images in the app.

If the user accesses the app and sees the same logo and image, they can recognize your brand. This improves your brand presence.

Marketing tool

Apps work as a great marketing tool and help your business to go ahead of competitors. You can be active and provide information about discounts, offers, new launches.

Improve customer services

Great customer service defines your success in business. If your customer service is not good, no matter how best the product you sell, you cannot increase your sales.

An app can improve your customer service, apart from sales and visibility.

Customer’s loyalty

The great advantage of having an app for an entrepreneur is that it lets them interact with their customers directly. This is important for cultivating customer’s loyalty.

How to earn money from a health and fitness app?

There are ways to monetize your fitness app.

In this article, we’ve split monetization methods into some categories.

  • In-app advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Paid apps
  • Affiliate marketing

The best way to make money from an app will depend on the type of app you create. There are also workout apps that have the possibility to charge users for personal workouts with professional trainers.

Types of Fitness app.

These are the most common types of fitness apps.

  • Workout and fitness apps.
  • Nutrition apps
  • Health tracking apps
  • Activity tracking apps.

Workout & fitness apps

Workout is in trends today, whether to lose weight or build muscles. There are many examples of workout apps and all of them are unique in their own way.

  • Personal trainer apps- It is important to show how the exercises are done. Other exercises cause trauma.
  • Log book apps- Log book apps are basically to store info about the workouts.
  • Workout fitness apps that pair with devices- These apps are the best option for those sports fans who can’t imagine a workout without a fitness band or wearable devices.

Nutrition apps

These apps help users control their weight by counting calories consumed and burned, controlling water balance and giving ideas of eating healthy food, tracking body weight and so on. Today, many users are going for such apps to keep a record of maintaining diet plans, caffeine intake, tracking calories. What’s right and what’s wrong is clearly explained in the app.

Health tracking apps

Such an app can be beneficial for a patient from remote locations to get quality medical services. This app is helpful in tracking the health of elderly people without having to visit the hospital frequently.

Activity tracking apps

It's not a new thing to need to be active to stay healthy. Activity tracking apps are suitable even for people who don’t go to the gym or are not fond of sports, but still want to make sure they are healthy and fit. Such applications can count the number of steps and count calories, hours slept and also heart rate and more. With geolocation, the user can also track the distance walked.

Features in the app

When we say fitness app, it includes health app, nutrition app, activity tracking app, workout app. These apps have tried to improve our lifestyle and promote good health.

Let’s find out what basic features are necessary for any fitness app.

  • Personalization

When it comes to developing fitness apps, personalization is a key role. Creating accounts and adding personal info is necessary. If the app collects personal information, it becomes easy for the user to get correct info. It is important because the diet or workout programs in your app must be set according to a user’s age, weight, height, and other physical parameters. This way the user will be able to get clear information about their health and fitness goals. The best way to register an account in an app is through social media platforms. Users can immediately connect with their friends who use the same app and can start publishing their results on social media. This increases motivation of the user where people can see other people can see their progress. It also brings more users to an app when they see their friends’ achievements.

  • Diet Tracker

By adding this feature in the app, the user can track their food and water consumption easily. The user can track calories consumed and burned, with ensuring they do not cross the limit of calories count.

  • Geo location

Any fitness app should include the geolocation feature. The map can be from google or any other sources, where the user can plan their routes, track current location and report after the workout is done. The user can even share their locations on their social media accounts.

  • Online consultation and chatting

It can be difficult for the user to exercise regularly and follow the diet if the trainer is not available every time. In such a situation, an online consultation service can be a great help to stay connected with the goals.

  • Activity tracking

This feature can be helpful in tracking the amount of calorie you have burnt, your heartbeat etc. These will let you know whether you are doing well or need to push yourself more.

  • Sleep tracking

This feature plays a crucial role, as it helps to find out when the user has a sound sleep and when not. It will let you know how much the user remains active, has a light sleep, or a sound sleep.

  • Goal Setup

When you want to stay fit and healthy, it is important to set goals. By having such a feature in an app, it becomes possible for the user to set objectives for their goals. The user can keep an eye on their activity.

  • Wearable device

If you want to make your app visible in the market, then follow the trends. Nowadays, fitness goes hand in hand. Your app must support a number of devices available in the market. The more wearable devices your app is connected with, the more number of wearable device users will use your app.

  • Barcode scanner

Barcode scanner feature makes logging food faster and easier. Users can get all the necessary information like ingredients by putting a barcode in front of their smartphone.

  • Pre set routines & reminder setup

When we talk about workout routines, pre set routines are necessary. Reminders are also important to make the user remember any workout.

  • Social sharing feature

Having the feature of connecting the app with social media accounts will be a benefit. The user will be encouraged to share on different platforms, and also motivate others to use the app for their better health which in result will promote your app.

How much does it cost to build a health and fitness app?

The cost of your app will depend on the set of features you want, the time taken to develop the app, and the rates of the development team you hire.

.Depending on the size of your app the number of developers or designers may increase.

  1. UI/UX designer
  2. Developer (Android or iOS)
  3. Project manager
  4. App testing engineer

Usually, hiring an app development agency may cost an estimate of around 1200 to 1500 hours taking into account all the procedures needed to develop the fitness app.

You need a full-fledged development and designing team to develop a Health And fitness app. Here at Codenia technologies, we have over 10 years of experience in app development and also are experts in developing apps for the healthcare & fitness industry.

Our team of CODENIA is a professional mobile app development agency, providing standard services at affordable prices to make your fitness app unique in the market.

If you are looking for a health & fitness app development agency, then you are at the right place.

Contact us today.

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