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Not looking for full service, ongoing E-Commerce Marathon? Our E-Commerce website service is where you get a professionally built (or rebuilt) B2B or B2C websites.

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AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Liquidweb

What We Do (In A nutshell)

Our E-Commerce development is where our team either builds a new website from scratch, or we optimise your existing website.

We’ll optimise components like Mobile responsive, compression, we’ll work with your team to develop a highly profitable E-Commerce website, and we’ll even develop strategies that you can implement on your own to keep the website performing to their fullest potential.

Many of our small business clients begin the relationship with a basic E-Commerce website and then hire us for full service, of developing high end website.

Check out our E-Commerce websites work

We’ve worked with clients in almost every niche, and in almost every case, our E-Commerce pages converted significantly better than the e-Commerce websites pages that were receiving traffic prior to our involvement.

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B2B, B2C, E-Commerce

The technical implementation is the area of responsibility of E-Commerce developers, solution architects, UX and UI designers, quality assurance engineers and other technical professionals. Resource planning depends on the project scope and nature.


B2B, E-Commerce

For a full-fledged IT ecosystem, we turn to powerful software systems proved to be rewarding for E-Commerce businesses. Thus, we bring customer management, resource planning, order processing, and other vital aspects to a whole new level.


B2B, B2C, E-Commerce

Homepages are designed to quickly educate your lead and provide them with a range of options. When most people click on a PPC ad, they’re probably looking to take action, whether that’s signing up for updates or making a purchase.


B2B, B2C

We focused exclusively on improving overall performance and grow revenue and market share through online sales and marketing solutions.


B2B, B2C, E-Commerce

Solid E-Commerce background, technology aptitude, and proactive problem management are the characteristics that distinguish us from the rest.

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Our E-Commerce Development Process

Here’s what we’ll be looking at to make sure we deliver your website back to you in tip top shape.

Identify the product/service, and the customer

We know that your life could depend on your E-Commerce website. This is why we anticipate your greatest needs and challenges even before the development starts. We even list out exactly what you’ll be selling, how you want to deliver it, and any payment or time limitations.

Choose the right ecommerce website development platform

We know how important a right platform is for your growing business. We develop E-Commerce website on a platform that’s flexible and easy to use. We make sure that you benefit from our selected platform. A professional and stylish E-Commerce website goes hand in hand, that is why we give you a competition-beating price.

Choose the right ecommerce website hosting platform

Choosing a server and hosting can make or break your E-Commerce business, therefore we determine your website’s accessibility and performance efficiency and choose the right server and hosting for you. We zero in to Speed, Uptime, Support, Scalability, Security.

Ecommerce website testing – You can never test enough

Once we've determined the best elements to use on your website, we'll get to work actually implementing these tests. Sometimes we'll be testing a headline, which will be implemented via dynamic scripts placed on your site. Either way, we structure our tests in a way that generates reliable, practical and actionable data.

Building your account

Our in-house Digital Marketing team will work on building out your entire campaign as if it were brand new, working on campaign structure, geographic targeting, audience segmentation, ad group organisation, keywords and negative keywords, and more. Whether we're working on a new account or rebuilding your current campaigns, you'll get back an account ready to outperform your competition.

"Having worked very closely in the past few years with Codenia Technologies, We have found them to be an invaluable service to my companies. They are always at hand to help even for the smallest of problems. We have been in contact with them on numerous occasions well into the night, helping me improve our online selleing of goods."

Mithun Paul


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