Quality Testing before launching your App/website, why is it important?

You must have planned a party sometime or the other, now while doing the decorations you blow a balloon but just after reaching its maximum tensile strength, it bursts!

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You must have planned a party sometime or the other, now while doing the decorations you blow a balloon but just after reaching its maximum tensile strength, it bursts! 

How do you feel?

All your perseverance of the last few minutes gone down the drain, a small prick of dismay perhaps?

Now imagine working on a project for months and just after the launch it malfunctions. 

Quality Testing prevents this from happening, by giving you a heads-up about your Mobile Application or Website.

There are a lot of people telling you how, why, and how you should get yourself an Application or a Website made, but the story that follows is what no one wants to tell. Let us first start with why it is important to have your Mobile Application or Website Tested.

Steps of Application/ Website Testing

Login/ Signup- If an Application/ Website requires a login or sign up for the users to continue, they should be able to easily login/ signup through Email or Phone no.

Functionality/ Blackbox Testing- An Application or website supports many functions and it is important that all of the functions work easily and efficiently without hindering the user’s work.

Integration- Some applications or websites require a flow of data from another application/ website through chats or images. The proper check of security, encryption, and viability is necessary.

User Acceptance- When an Application goes to a user there are unseen problems that may arise and thus the Application or website is tested as a User before launching.

Use Ability- Whether the Application has proper navigation and will allow the users to reach their desired location in the minimum clicks.

Load/ White Box Testing- An Application is used by several users at a time to check whether it can handle the load, For Mobile Applications the tool Appium is used and for Websites, the Selenium tool is used.

Importance of Application/ Website Testing 

  • An Application when built, especially a Native Application has a tendency of freezing when the user load increases, so it is better you get it tested by more users.

  • Applications and Websites have a lot of functions and sometimes it is quite possible that some of them may not be working, so checking all the functions is important.

  • For Applications or websites having access to users’ private information, it is important to have security testing done for it.

  • Some Applications turn out to be a difficult maneuver and users get tired of trying to find their way out so it is important to have a user-friendly Application/ Website.

How we Help

Codenia Technologies LLP deals in Mobile Applications, Websites development, etc. so we get your mobile Application or Website tested and give you a quality product that you can present before your users.

Our company is dedicated to providing technical solutions to our clients that include Mobile Application/ Website building, Digital marketing, IoT, IT Consulting, Smart TV Applications, Watch Applications, etc., and we are proudly backed by our satisfied clients, who can vouch for our dedication and deliverance.


Mobile Applications and Websites require thorough testing after they are developed so that when you launch them in the market they can stand the test of actual users and convince them that you have something different and exquisite. 

And to confirm this you need Application/ Website testers who can give approval to the finished product.

Codenia Technologies has testers who are thorough in their testing, we go through every single aspect of your product and give perfect feedback so that when you launch it amongst your users they have a great experience.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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