“Integration Issues in e-commerce”

The e-commerce industry has become so fierce, that surviving has become a matter of concern. With internet fostering the birth of many newcomers threatening reputed players, the need for differentiating on service has become as critical as product. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets e-commerce volumes have exponentially increased year-on-year, but so has shopping abandonments. This has resulted in a huge loss for e-commerce players. The reasons could be many but the one not to be ignored is INTEGRATION – by which we mean making software systems talk to each other, “E-commerce and ERP integration”.

E-commerce and ERP integration has far-reaching benefits, but only when it is done right. Plan ahead and overcome these challenges, you will find integration pay for itself in no time. Don’t give integration its due attention integration will become a black hole consuming all your time, energy and resources.

Order management system, customer support system, dispatch system, order tracking system, etc are applications that can streamline the experience of the customer across the buying journey. But if these systems are disparate it could ruin customer experience. And this is where we come to your rescue by integrating these multiple disparate systems seamlessly, synchronizing available information across all systems and displaying it in a single interface.

Businesses need support for various reasons like training, reporting and fixing bugs, do customizations and more and the availability of right support by professionals of the field can be the difference between an integration project and a successful integration project.